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Business Law

Commercial transactions and litigation

Burke Vullo Reilly Roberts, Attorneys at Law, offers business law services to clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

The practice, which began in 1933 under the tutelage of Thomas Burke, Sr., the uncle of present partner, Joseph Burke, is able to represent individuals, small businesses, and corporations in a variety of matters that affect new or continuing commercial opportunities.

Business formation

The office assists in the development and evaluation of formative business goals, so that clients are able to decide the type of corporation that best suits overall business objectives.

Attorneys at Burke Vullo Roberts Reilly draft articles of incorporation or other governance documents, file the necessary paperwork with the appropriate agencies, and help new companies transition in other ways, including initial transactions or the securing of financing.

Contracts and negotiation

The law firm represents clients in Pennsylvania and throughout the rest of the nation who have business interests in Pennsylvania in contract negotiations, writing for compliance with Pennsylvania and other relevant interstate or federal laws, and contract mediation or litigation.

Burke Vullo Reilly Roberts integrates a long history of representing, developing, asserting, and defending the interests of commercial health and legality in northeastern Pennsylvania with a deep understanding of the broader implications of how solid business plans and the law intersect for the good of the firm’s clients.

The law office assists in employment law contracts and negotiations, too, including hiring, confidentiality, non-competition, and severance packages.

Commercial litigation

The firm also presents a strong litigation practice when necessary.  The lawyers are skillful litigators who rely on preparedness and an intricate, intimate understanding of the unique situations of respective clients.

The firm uses efficient, incisive courtroom tactics to resolve business law conflicts as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, so that clients may return to the course of daily business needs and offers.

The firm also represents clients in matters of commercial real estate law, including valuation, purchase-sale agreements, financing, zoning, and land use, and in matters of business succession.

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